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Cinnabar Red Chanterelles

Cinnabar Red Chanterelles

I was taking a break from splitting wood and I hadn’t planned to go into the forest west of the house. Then I got curious about how many shagbark hickory nuts were on the ground, and that’s all it took.

There were only a few green ones. The air was cool and moving, so I decided to keep walking. On the north side of the old path, some bright orange caught my eye. I was expecting jack-o-lanterns, a handsome poisonous mushroom. But, as I moved closer they looked more and more like chanterelles. These delicious beauties:

There are few things kids enjoy more than gathering colorful things to eat from the forest, so I went back to the house for a container and my 6 year old daughter.

“They look like beautiful flowers, Papa!” she yells as she runs toward the chanterelles with a handful of false solomon’s seal berries.

These mushrooms become part of a place-flavored welcome feast for a growing community of sustainability leadership students from Nepal, Canada, Germany, Indiana, and Oregon.

Form, color, presence, flavor and a poetic name — cinnabar red chanterelles have it all. Another unexpected blessing from the ridge at home in the headwaters.